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  • What to Know Before You Cleanse~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    The holidays have passed and the new year lingers ahead while we encourage everyone to soak in the fresh start and set goals to a healthier 2018 there are some things to keep in mind before you begin any sort of cleanse or detox.

    • Any cleanse or detox results in TEMPORARY weight loss and is not an answer to shedding those holiday pounds. Cleanses and detoxes are created to help your body eliminate bad toxins and bad gut bacteria, not to change your dress size. Those advertising these results are probably less healthy choices.
    • Choose a high quality, reputable brand or program that makes sense with your lifestyle. Whether you’re juicing or doing a clean meal plan choosing one that puts your health first is vital. Quick fixes and starvation diets will do more harm than good to your digestive system and overall health. It is also important to be realistic with your day-to-day life. Putting too much pressure on yourself will result in failure and more stress.
    • Don’t begin a strict detox or cleanse along with a rigorous exercise plan. Cleanses are normally very low in carbohydrates and calories which your body needs when working out. It’s a good idea to stick to your regular routine and limit activity to moderate walks during the detox period.
    • Don’t jump right in from the holiday feasting to a cleanse or detox. This shocks your system and can cause withdrawal side effects from caffeine, sugar and fat as well as increase your chances of cheating during your cleanse period. Instead take a few weeks to slowly create healthier and cleaner eating habits before beginning.
    • Post cleanse it is important to continue to replenish your body and intestines with healthy bacteria. Choosing a quality probiotic and continuing cleaner eating is essential for your body to benefit from your program.

    If you are considering a New Year’s detox or cleansing plan our expert staff at Colon Surgeons Charleston would be happy to guide you in the right direction. We are always here to answer you gut and health questions.


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