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  • Toilet Sitting 101 – Dr. Margarita Murphy

    There has been a lot of discussion lately on the correct way to sit on the toilet when pooping. The science is clear, in America our toilets are made for comfort not health. When you sit on a standard toilet, when your legs bent at a 90 degree ankle you are essentially putting pressure on the rectum and causing the need to strain, impartial elimination and increased risk of bowel issues.

    So what’s the proper way to use the restroom? Studies have found that squatting is best position for your gut health, allowing an ease of elimination and less strain on your body. While there are items on the market to assist in this proper posture a footstool elevating your legs to a higher angle will do the trick. Give it a try and your gut will thank you!

    If you think your bowel issues are more than improper sitting, give us a call. Dr. Margarita Murphy and Colon Surgeons of Charleston will assist you in finding a path to a happy, healthy stomach!

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