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  • To Go Hot or Not?~ Dr. Margarita Murphy, Charleston

    Are you among the many that LOVE spicy foods? Fear not! These hot dishes may not be the cause of your stomach discomfort. While foods with a lot of pepper or spice can cause mild indigestion they are most likely not the cause for stomach aches, pain, burning or general upset.

    While you may feel uncomfortable after partaking in a favorite spicy meal it’s likely to┬ábe other ingredients causing the trouble such as heavy butter, acidic marinades, dairy or fats opposed to the spice. Capsaicin, the chemical that gives peppers their kick, has actually been attributed to lowering the ulcer causing bacteria in the gut as well as linked to pain relieving effects.

    While there is much debate on whether or not eating certain spices known for their heat will actually help digestion or stomach problems one thing is for sure you’re favorite dishes alone are not causing any long-term digestion issues.

    If you can’t put a finger on chronic upset stomachs or indigestion schedule an appointment with one of our gastroenterologist specialists today. Finding a custom plan and relief for our patients is our top priority.

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