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  • Tis’ The Season For Your Colonoscopy

    While we know it is easy to get swept up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season we want to remind each of you to schedule your colonoscopy screenings. Most patients have met their deductibles by this time of the year and have a few extra days away from work making it the perfect time to come see us at Colon Surgeons of Charleston.

    Those without risk factors (such as family history of colon cancer, personal history of polyps or bowel diseases, or current unmanaged symptoms) should begin screening at the age of 50. If all results are free and clear you won’t need your next screening (unless you have problems or symptoms) for another 10 years.

    One day out of your hectic schedule can save your life!
    Learn more about the Colonoscopy procedure on our website.


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