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  • Thinking of Going Gluten Free? ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy


    With Gluten- Free diets still on the rise we loved this list from the Huffington Post on ‘9 Things You Should Know Before Going Gluten-Free’. The article lends some great advice for those toying with the idea- read the full article by Sarah Klein here.

    1. Some people need to ditch gluten, others just want to. But for most people, it’s not necessary.

    2. If you think you have celiac, you must talk to your doctor first.

    3. Your friends and family will bug you about it.


    4. You won’t have to avoid all grains.

    5. You won’t necessarily lose weight.


    6. Gluten is often hiding in sneaky places.

    7. You’ll want to involve a registered dietitian.


    8. You can probably still go to your favorite restaurants.


    9. Skin problems may clear up.

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