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  • Probiotics for Your Health

    Probiotics. Do these tiny capsules actually benefit your health or are they amongst many of the ‘health’ trends surrounding us today? There is lots of contradicting articles, opinions and research out there on whether probiotics actually do help, especially where your gut is concerned.

    The first thing to remember is the form in which you get these molecular living creatures into your system. Probiotics are live (yes, actually live) bacteria and yeasts. Since these capsules home live organisms it is more important to purchase higher quality probiotics than with other supplements.  When purchasing a probiotic one should pay close attention to the strains of bacteria included, the way the product is delivered and packaged (how long are they stored, are they mass produced, etc) and the expiration date. Many probiotics will actually expire long before you finish the bottle. This is due to the lifespan of the living bacteria. The probiotics won’t hurt you once expired but their benefits will be completely lost. probiotics (1)

    Many brands of probiotics suggest keeping them stored in refrigerators, not because they must remain cold, but in order to prevent them from getting too hot, too much light exposure and too much moisture. Newer brands have developed ways for probiotics to remain live and vibrant without refrigeration, but in our opinion, it’s not going to hurt.

    In short, if you purchase a good quality probiotic, and store it appropriately, they can be very beneficial to many gut disorders. Good, viable probiotics help move food through your gut by balancing the good and  bad yeast and bacteria. The trick is what bacteria, and how much, is needed for different stomach issues. Dr. Margarita Murphy with Charleston Colorectal Surgeons has years of experience with gut disorders and the use of probiotics to aid in alleviating symptoms. Conditions such as IBS, IBD, Infectious Diarrhea and more can benefit greatly from the right healthy strand of probiotic bacterias.

    If you’re having trouble finding what works for you make an appointment with Dr. Murphy today. She will work one-on-one with you to find successful ways to get you back to regular, happy and healthy!



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