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  • Poor Diets are on The Rise- Dr. Margarita Murphy

    Diet. Diet. Diet.
    We tell patients at Colon Surgeons of Charleston every day how important the food they eat is to, not only, their guy health but their overall health. A new study published by the Daily Meal reveals some shocking statistics about the health effects of a poor diet.

    Read below, and CLICK HERE to see the full study.

    Published on September 15, the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) revealed some harsh truths about the health effects of a poor diet. The study evaluated health trends in 195 countries and is considered “the most comprehensive worldwide observational epidemiological study to date.”

    The most shocking conclusion? One in five deaths around the world can be attributed to poor diet.

    The proportion of deaths caused by heart disease has increased by 19 percent. Diabetes? A 31.1 percent increase. High blood glucose, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol were all among the top ten risk factors for men and women across the globe.

    These risk factors and diseases all have one thing in common — they relate to poor diet. And while the specifics of what a better diet would look like have yet to be concluded by science, diets that were low in whole grains, legumes, fruit, nuts, and seeds and high in salt were linked to more of these deaths.

    Overall, however, things aren’t looking so grim. The study concluded that the average life expectancy is still on the rise for the average global citizen, and that there has been a good amount of progress in fighting diseases like malaria and other causes of child mortality. We just need to work on eating a little healthier.


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