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  • Polyps: What Are They? ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    When anyone has an exploratory procedure done any result other than ‘all clear’ can be scary. One word that seems to be unclear among our patients is Polyp.

    Simply put polyps are abnormal growths. These growths are often benign, but can be cancerous. Polyps can occur throughout the large intestine, but are more commonly found in the left colon, sigmoid colon, or rectum. 15-20% of the population have polyps, while most are benign there is no way to tell if a found polyp will become malignant therefore complete removal is recommended as a preventive method.

    It is important to note that while a removed polyp (or polyps) return ‘all clear’ people who have polyps are 30% more likely to get new growths making routine exams vital. As with all your health needs prevention is key- having these growths removed and biopsied ensures the smallest window for cancerous polyps to become malignant¬†and spread.

    So while the news of a found polyp may be daunting you can rest assured you’re taking the best action in your long-term health by being screened.

    Been putting off your colonoscopy? It’s time to come see us. Take your health into your own hands with the professionals at Colon Surgeons of Charleston.


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