• Cranberries are Moving Up on the Health Food List- Dr. Margarita Murphy

    New research is showing a positive link between cranberries and your digestive health with a focus on not PRObiotics but PREbiotics. While cranberries are already at the top of the health food list with an amazing load of antioxidants, low does of calories and links to urinary tract health, improved immune health, lowered blood pressure and more

  • Diabetic Stomach ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    23.1 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with diabetes in the last year- many don’t realize the severe gastrointestinal symptoms associated with both Type 1 (making up only 5% of the title) and Type 2 diabetes. “Diabetic stomach”, formally called Gastroparesis, is most common in Type 1 diabetes but also affects those

  • Gut Health- You are Not Alone. ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    Tired of feeling alone with your stomach issues? We at Colon Surgeons of Charleston understand the frustration, and sometimes the embarrassment, of digestive health issues. Know you are not alone.  60 to 70 million people are affected by all digestive diseases. Don’t keep suffering visit Dr. Margarita Murphy at Colon Surgeons of Charleston. The National

  • Coffee- Good or Bad? ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    There has been a lot of spotlight on coffee lately, some suggesting that 2-3 cups a day can help people live longer. Studies suggest those who drink coffee are 12-18% less likely to die from cancer, stroke, diabetes, heart, kidney and respiratory disease than non-drinkers. Research shows it can also help with dementia, eliminate free

  • Polyps: What Are They? ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    When anyone has an exploratory procedure done any result other than ‘all clear’ can be scary. One word that seems to be unclear among our patients is Polyp. Simply put polyps are abnormal growths. These growths are often benign, but can be cancerous. Polyps can occur throughout the large intestine, but are more commonly found in

  • Toilet Sitting 101 – Dr. Margarita Murphy

    There has been a lot of discussion lately on the correct way to sit on the toilet when pooping. The science is clear, in America our toilets are made for comfort not health. When you sit on a standard toilet, when your legs bent at a 90 degree ankle you are essentially putting pressure on

  • Carbonated Water- What to Look Out For

    If you kicked your soda habit we tip our hats to you. Addiction to those sugary filled, carbonated, caffeinated treats is nothing to scoff at, but we assure you your gut (and overall health) thank you! But if you are one of the many that traded in this vice for the healthier option of carbonated

  • Seasonal Eating for Colon Health ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    According to the Colon Cancer Foundation 50-75% of colorectal cancer can be prevented through lifestyle changes like healthy eating. While the links may not be founded in substantial research just yet new studies have found connections to eating certain fruits and vegetables and a lower risk of colon cancer. As a general rule of thumb

  • We Aim for Comfort ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    Lets be honest. Many of the conditions we treat such as bowel incontinence or colon cancer aren’t topics that most like to discuss, and many feel embarrassed about which is why we do our best at Colon Surgeons of Charleston to give our patients the utmost respect and feeling of comfort in all instances. One

  • Thinking of Going Gluten Free? ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

      With Gluten- Free diets still on the rise we loved this list from the Huffington Post on ‘9 Things You Should Know Before Going Gluten-Free’. The article lends some great advice for those toying with the idea- read the full article by Sarah Klein here. 1. Some people need to ditch gluten, others just

  • Colon Cancer Screening ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    During Colon Cancer awareness month there is a lot of emphasis on Colon Cancer Screenings, but who should take part? At what age? Under what circumstances? The National Cancer Institute breaks down the screening criteria and methods for us:  People at average risk of colorectal cancer get screened at regular intervals beginning at age 50

  • Colon Cancer Awareness Month~ Know The Facts

    While Colon Cancer is a focus of our office 365 days a year, March shines light on the importance of screenings, awareness, treatment knowledge & advances and post-operative care for this battle. Take a minute to review these trends & statistics. We’ve seen some great declines in rates and increases in screenings, but there is

  • No Bathroom? No Worries! ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    Whether it’s vacation, beach days, work travel or just a Sunday walk in the park when you suffer from fecal incontinence a normal situation becomes a stressful situation. Constantly scouting out restrooms and packing extra clothes, being careful not to laugh too hard or play too rough can get exhausting- take a break from the worry and

  • Gluten Free VS Celiac~ What You Need to Know

    Do you have a Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease, both or neither? Dr. Margarita Murphy with Colon Surgeons of Charleston breaks down the very slim difference in these two hot topics. Gluten Intolerance (also referred to as Gluten Sensitivity) is a tricky medical subject and still new to the field as a stand alone medical

  • Post Colorectal Surgery ~ Why it’s Important.

    Cancer is a battle. One that goes on long after the initial diagnosis and surgery is completed. Even when all visible cancer has been removed, it is possible for cancer cells to be present in other areas of the body. These cancer deposits, when very small, are undetectable at the time of surgery, but they