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  • Know The Facts- Fight The Statistics: Colon Cancer Awareness Month

    In honor of Colon Cancer Awareness month Dr. Margarita Murphy and the Colorectal Surgeons of Charleston wanted to share with you the less known side of Colon Cancer. The side that affects those not predisposed or aged. The harsh truth is it can affect those young and old. Along with the Colon Cancer Alliance, the Colon Surgeons of Charleston share these facts with you because knowledge is power. And with the facts together we can fight Colon Cancer at all stages, with all patients in all cases.

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    • In the US, approximately 10% of colon cancer cases are diagnosed in individuals under age 50.
    • Colon cancer incidence and mortality rates are increasing in the young-onset population while decreasing in those over 50.
    • Young-onset rectal cancer incidence has increased at nearly twice the rate of young-onset colon cancer.
    • Screening is recommended to start earlier than age 50 in those with a family history of colon cancer or advanced adenomas (noncancerous tumors), and in those with hereditary genetic syndromes associated with increased risk.
    • Physician-related delays (e.g., missed symptoms, initial misdiagnosis) have been estimated to occur in 15-50% of young-onset colon cancer cases.
    • Discussions of lowering the screening age for the average-risk population have begun.
      *Source: National Cancer Institute State Cancer Profiles


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