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  • Dissecting Diverticulitis~ Dr. Margarita Murphy, Charleston SC

    One of the most perplexing conditions for our patients at Colon Surgeons of Charleston is Diverticulitis. There is no known cause for this painful condition, but research has shown that low fiber diets can contribute. Fiber adds bulk to the stool allowing the colon to work easily, pushing the stool forward. When there isn’t enough fiber present more pressure is used during bowel movements which can allow pouches to form in weak spots along the colon. These pouches are called Diverticulosis.  When these pouches become inflamed or infected the condition becomes diverticulitis.


    Most people with Diverticulosis will never show any symptoms at all, however those who develop Diverticulosis may notice: Pain in the Abdomen, Fever and Chills, Bloating and Gas, Change in Bowel Habits, Nausea and sometimes Vomiting and/or Loss of Appetite.

    Mild cases may be managed with oral antibiotics, dietary restrictions and possibly stool softeners. More severe cases can require hospitalization with intravenous antibiotics and dietary restraints. Surgery is reserved for patients with recurrent episodes of diverticulitis, complications or severe attacks when there’s little or no response to medication.

    Diverticular bleeding can also occur as a complication of Diverticulitis. Patients will often notice a large amount of blood in their stool that appears suddenly and goes away on it’s own. Surgery may also be required in individuals with a single episode of severe bleeding from diverticulosis or with recurrent episodes of bleeding.

    If you’ve been experiencing reoccurring episodes of Diverticular pain, rectal bleeding, blood in your stool or any of the above mentioned symptoms. Schedule and appointment today with Dr. Margarita Murphy  for the latest treatment technology and personal care.


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