• Polyps: What Are They? ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    When anyone has an exploratory procedure done any result other than ‘all clear’ can be scary. One word that seems to be unclear among our patients is Polyp. Simply put polyps are abnormal growths. These growths are often benign, but can be cancerous.¬†Polyps can occur throughout the large intestine, but are more commonly found in

  • Toilet Sitting 101 – Dr. Margarita Murphy

    There has been a lot of discussion lately on the correct way to sit on the toilet when pooping. The science is clear, in America our toilets are made for comfort not health. When you sit on a standard toilet, when your legs bent at a 90 degree ankle you are essentially putting pressure on

  • We Aim for Comfort ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    Lets be honest. Many of the conditions we treat such as bowel incontinence or colon cancer aren’t topics that most like to discuss, and many feel embarrassed about which is why we do our best at Colon Surgeons of Charleston to give our patients the utmost respect and feeling of comfort in all instances. One

  • Colon Cancer Screening ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy

    During Colon Cancer awareness month there is a lot of emphasis on Colon Cancer Screenings, but who should take part? At what age? Under what circumstances? The National Cancer Institute breaks down the screening criteria and methods for us:  People at average risk of colorectal cancer get screened at regular intervals beginning at age 50