• Poor Diets are on The Rise- Dr. Margarita Murphy

    Diet. Diet. Diet. We tell patients at Colon Surgeons of Charleston every day how important the food they eat is to, not only, their guy health but their overall health. A new study published by the Daily Meal reveals some shocking statistics about the health effects of a poor diet. Read below, and CLICK HERE

  • Only the Best at Colon Surgeons of Charleston

    At Gastrointestinal Surgical Specialists Dr. Margarita Murphy and staff provide state-of-the art colon and rectal surgical care to people in the Lowcountry and throughout the Carolina’s and Georgia. We provide a wide range of outstanding services by combining innovative treatments with personal, individualized patient care. Within our Mt. Pleasant & Charleston facilities we offer a state-of-the art

  • Is Your Heartburn ‘Normal’? ~ Dr. Margarita Murphy, Charleston SC

    Heartburn is normally described as an unpleasant burning sensation in the throat (or sometimes the chest). Most often triggered by spicy foods or rambunctious activity after eating this uncomfortable feeling sometimes has no trigger at all.  If you feel your heartburn is becoming a daily occurrence or interfering with your daily life, you notice a