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  • Back to School Blues ~ Dr. Murphy, Charleston

    School is back in session and so are stomach aches. Are you already hearing the ‘my tummy hurts’ blues? First, know you are not alone, 10-15% of school-aged children will seek medical care for recurrent abdominal pain and as many as one in three children visit a doctor because of abdominal pain by the time they’re 15.  No matter their age, a new school year exposes kids to a new routine, different sleep patterns, new foods, new germs and, of course, new stressors.


    While a lot of early school year stomach woes are due to nerves there could be other things to take into consideration when your child begins to complain of stomach pain. If your child’s symptoms don’t seem to ease up after a few days of their new routine schedule an appointment with Dr. Margarita Murphy at Colon Surgeons of Charleston. Dr. Murphy can assess your child’s diet, habits and symptoms to ensure you and your little one has a healthy and happy school year.



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