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  • Carbonated Water- What to Look Out For

    If you kicked your soda habit we tip our hats to you. Addiction to those sugary filled, carbonated, caffeinated treats is nothing to scoff at, but we assure you your gut (and overall health) thank you!

    But if you are one of the many that traded in this vice for the healthier option of carbonated water (such as flavored La Croix) you may still be contributing to extra bloat, something we all want to avoid especially around beach season in Charleston.

    New Beauty recently released an article pointing out some good tips for those still craving the bubbly fizz of carbonation:

    – Watch for added sweeteners or sugars in carbonated flavored waters.
    – Try to limit intake close to bedtime and while you eat.
    – Excess Carbonation can aggravate digestive health (especially those withe sensitive digestion issues or IBS).

    *Read the full article on NewBeauty.com

    If you suffer from chronic bloating and gas the issue may be more than just your fizzy intake. Make an appointment with Dr. Margarita Murphy and the expert staff at Colon Surgeons of Charleston today.

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